Contemporary art in Italy, a virtual gallery of the works by the contemporary painter and digital artist Riccardo Paci

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Painting topics

The painting topics presented on this site by Italian artist Riccardo Paci are: Water, Stars and Fishes.

Most of the painting topics not present in this site concern elements of nature, such as Bees and Flowers (water colour, 2003) and Fruit (from 2002, again water colour). The classic topic of Landscapes from 1998-2001, using oil on canvas, is also based on glimpses of nature in a calm and rarefied atmosphere. Finally, the artist also shows great ability in making oil portraits on canvas, following two guidelines: the first is the use of bright colours (portraits featuring unreal skin colours tending towards bright yellow, light blue, violet, etc.), while the second is instead the sepia technique used in old photographs from the beginning of the century (portraits based on tones of brown developed on a range of yellows and sometimes reds).

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