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Portrait: Riccardo Paci
  • Riccardo Paci was born in Florence on 10th April 1974. He lived and studied in Florence, where he graduated in computer technology in November 2001.
  • He studied piano since 1983 and from 1988 to 1997 composed music for piano.
  • He met painter Angelo Rizzone in 1995 and thus started to experiment with colours, which became his true passion. Three years later, together with Rizzone and other artists, he founded Gruppo Albereta 21 to exchange painting experiences and ideas.
  • In 2001 he became friends with Florentine painter Alessandro Nocentini, who encouraged him to analyse water as a painting subject matter.
  • From 2002 to 2005 he studied at the Istituto d'Arte (Institute of Fine Arts) in Florence, where he learnt shaping and woodcarving by professors Gerardo Meccia, Carlo Fagnini and Paolo Lauton.
  • In 2004 he approached computer technologies and developed image processing software systems which, combined with photography and digital processing, lead to the creation of puzzles with digital images. Each puzzle is a composition of digital photos taken by Paci, where no picture is used more than once or manipulated in terms of colours, light, brightness etc. Thanks to constant software development and a vast, ad hoc photo archive on subjects like leaves, flowers, fruit etc., Paci created works for the subject matter Eyes.
  • In 2008 he expanded its photographic archive began to photograph cities, islands, etc. So began to create site-specific works like Sguardi su Lipari series.

Exhibitions and competitions

November 1999: participation in the Il vaso di Pandora exhibition at SAP, Piazza del Carmine, Florence.
July 2000: participation in the Bibbiena città per l'immagine 2000 exhibition, Bibbiena, Arezzo.
July 2000: participated in the Gruppo Albereta 21 exhibition at Villa Bandini, Florence.
December 2001: first personal exhibition at the Wave, in Florence. Title of the exhibition: Astrazioni materiche.
May 2002: participation in the Prima mostra di pittura e scultura del centro sociale Reims, Florence.
June 2003: some of Paci's wooden sculptures were displayed at Parterre, Florence.
October 2005: participation in the Sedimentazioni exhibition at the Gruppo Albereta 21 head offices, Florence.
September 2006: participation in the Incontri 2006 exhibition at the CentroArteModerna Art Gallery, Pisa.
November 2006: winner of the first edition of the International Digital Arts Competition The Brain Project, Trieste.
November 2007: personal exhibition at the Biblioteca Statale di Trieste, in Trieste.
July 2008: participation in the Artisti per l'Unicef exhibition at the town hall of Pietrasanta, Lucca.
October 2008: participation in the Orizzonti Contigui exhibition at the Mentana Art Gallery, Florence.
Genuary 2009: participation in the Arte in toscana exhibition at the CentroArteModerna Art Gallery, Pisa.
February 2009: partecipation in ART International Fair for Contemporary Art, Innsbruck, Austria.
March 2009: partecipation in PHOTOinDARS: nei paesi delle meraviglie exhibition at the Studio D’ARS, Milano.
April 2009: partecipation in PhotoinSPE: nei paesi delle meraviglie exhibition at the Galleria 9 colonne, Bologna.
May 2009: partecipation in Progetto One By One exhibition at Spazio Aperto Arte Contemporanea, Firenze
July 2009: partecipation in Nei paesi delle meraviglie exhibition at the Galleria Arthur, Genova.
July 2009: personal exhibition Sguardo su Lipari at the Spazio Aperto Arte Contemporanea, Lipari, Isole Eolie.
December 2009: partecipation in Trasparenze exhibition at Spazio Aperto Arte Contemporanea, Firenze
August 2010: partecipation in Contemporaneamente Appignani Liparulo Paci at Gallery of the lift, Lipari, Isole Eolie.
October 2010: PAN (Palazzo delle Arti Napoli) commissioned the work "Sguardo sul PAN 2005-2010" for the entrance of the Italian pavilion in the Forum of Cultures 2010 in Valparaiso, Chile

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